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Welcome to Collectors Corner!

Welcome to the Roy of the Rovers Collectors Corner Classifieds Page. Please post your "For sale" items or "Wants" lists in this area of the Forum, stating the condition and price as appropriate. This service is totally free, but any would be transactions are between the would be purchaser and vendor. A set of suggested guidelines has been compiled, to aid any would be transactions.

 Please use the Guide Prices in the Collectors Corner on the ]Official Roy of the Rovers website for what they are a "Guide!" Sellers are usually willing to accept an offer that is reasonable.
 Seek further information about the item that is being sold. In other words, if you need more information, simply send a private message, or post a reply. It could save you time and money.
 If you suddenly changed your mind on an item, please let the seller know in a polite manner.
 Negotiate proper shipping terms to the seller. The Collectors Corner links on the LINKS page of the Offical website are put there to aid would be transactions.

This is a Roy of the Rovers website, so please restrict your items to Roy of the Rovers, Tiger, Scorcher, Jag, Match of the Day, Shoot and other related items and memorabilia. Any totally non related posts will be deleted.

Please either 'edit' or 'delete' your post once you have completed a transaction.

If you would like any advice on any items in these categories, please e-mail collectorscorner@[sign in to see URL] and I will try and respond to you asap.

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