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New Breed

I used to be on here as Kitman and designed team kits for ROTR teams.

Over the last 6-12 months I have edited the entire Football Manager database and I am currently running simulations so as to get the league right up to [sign in to see URL] the help of a weekly newsletter that I will email out for free I will produce the news, results and stories from the New Breed of players.

You will recognise many of the teams, some in the more obscure foreign leagues/lower down in non-league football I have had to make up and some teams (staying topical with clubs going into administration changed their names slightly) - Of course it was near on impossible for me to get every player from every story to put into the database which is why it is called "New Breed" as there will be a whole host of new players from a new generation.

Some of the old names may appear frequently (they will be managers, pundits and chairman now) - but all in all the professinal looking newsletter should be a lot of fun.

So if you want to receive the FREE weekly newsletter then please feel free to private message me your email or email me at neilsimmons72@[sign in to see URL]

Look forward to re-inventing the wheel.

[sign in to see URL] I have produced kits for every single team which will accompany their news stories.

[sign in to see URL] team will you be following?
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